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MSW to Alternative Fuels Project in Shanghai

In Shanghai, the most economically active city in China, we provided a local environmental company with a production line for processing MSW.

This company is one of the largest municipal waste management companies in Shanghai. This MSW production line provided by ShredRecyling is used to chop the collected solid waste to a size of about 10 cm, separate the metal and recyclables, and the rest materials are sent to local power plants for alternative fuels.

Shanghai is the most developed city in China, and it is also the city with the best implementation of domestic waste classification in China, which has helped the back-end domestic waste treatment reduce a lot of costs. Take this project as an example. The waste to be processed does not contain any organic and hazardous waste, and more than 90% can be incinerated. Therefore, this project does not need to be equipped with complex sorting modules or manual sorting. The benefits of garbage sorting are demonstrated here.