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"Four-point operation" that needs attention in the work o

The normal operation of the metal crusher machine is inseparable from the daily meticulous maintenance and maintenance. Below, GEP Machinery will introduce you to the four aspects of the daily maintenance of the metal crusher: 1 Before starting the metal crusher, check whether the equipment in all parts of the machine is in place and whether the screws and bolts are loose. You can use the hand to gently pull the belt to test whether it is working normally. Check the direction of rotation together, and strictly check the broken products. It is forbidden to put flammable and explosive materials into the broken pieces to avoid accidents.2 During the production of metal crushers, it is necessary to insist on uniform cutting to ensure the quality of crushing and normal production. Overloading operations are prohibited to ensure the normal production of the machine.3 In addition to frequently checking the loosening of the fastening bolts in various parts, pay attention to the wear status of wearing parts. If the wear is severe, it is necessary to replace it in time to avoid damage to the primary components.4 Due to the high speed of the metal crusher, in addition to the correct operation of the equipment, it is necessary to insist on regular lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the metal crusher. Under normal conditions, the bearing temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. Add butter and molybdenum disulfide to the bearing of the main engine once a week, the effect of high-speed butter is better.