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About the disposal of domestic garbage

    The "garbage siege" is a frequent occurrence, and the reduction, reduction, and reduction of domestic garbage are difficult problems that must be solved before everyone.    The resources included in domestic garbage are: recyclable resources, solid-filled resources, and biological conversion resources.    Recycling resources include paper, metal, plastic, glass, foam, and other waste, which account for most of urban household waste.    Solid-filled resources include cement, masonry, ceramics, slag, and other waste. The acceleration of modern town construction has led to a surge in the total amount of this type of waste.    Bio-conversion resources include garbage such as fruits, vegetables, meat, bones, and biomass. This type of waste can be converted into combustible gas or fertilizer through biotechnology fermentation or composting.Domestic waste not only has available resources, but also mixes toxic and harmful substances, such as used batteries, used fluorescent tubes, used mercury thermometers, bottles of pesticide residues, and expired medicines. Therefore, domestic waste not only affects people's living environment, but also endangers their health.At present, domestic garbage disposal methods include landfill treatment, incineration treatment, compost treatment, and some comprehensive recycling treatment. The composition of domestic garbage is complex and entangled with each other, which makes the classification of garbage difficult and the cost of sorting high. The total amount of domestic waste is huge, and landfill disposal takes up a lot of land area. The application of solid waste shredder machine brings huge help to the efficient sorting of domestic waste and the reduction of domestic waste.The key technology of European shredder machine is adopted to design and produce the solid waste shredder machine suitable for the crushing of domestic garbage in Chinese cities and towns. The cutters of the shredder machine are made of high-strength alloy materials imported from Europe and have the physical characteristics of wear resistance and impact resistance. After the tool has been worn for a long time, it can be used to coat the worn edge of the tool with the matching alloy wire, and it can be used again after grinding to restore the integrity and sharpness of the cutting edge, which greatly reduces the use cost.