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Biaxial shredder machine mediation mechanism

   Many customers use our website to query dual-axis shredder machine, so today we will introduce you to dual-axis shredder machine.    It is an earlier crushing equipment with simple structure, solid structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and repair, and low production and construction costs. As one of the general mining crushing equipment, metallurgy, chemicals and building materials are widely used in industrial fields such as electric power and transportation.    During the operation of the "jaw-type shredder machine", the motor rotates the eccentric shaft through the belt, periodically leaves the movable chin, presses the material, performs friction, grinds, etc., the size of the material becomes smaller, gradually decreases, and moves from the row. Outlet. The "down shredder machine" is mainly composed of the main body, horizontal, connecting rod, jaw plate and adjustment mechanism. The belt is transmitted to the connecting rod through a V-belt, and the jaw plate moves to destroy the material. The particle size is adjusted by the bracelet and horizontal bar.