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Can all scrap metal select scrap metal shredder machine?

We all know what scrap metal is, isn't it just broken copper and iron? People who do n’t understand explain it this way. Even broken copper and iron need to be distinguished, so that you can see the value of these waste copper and iron. For example, waste iron can be divided into multiple categories by size, but large ones are not as expensive as small ones. Because there is no way to directly use large pieces, you need to use scrap iron coarse crushing equipment: scrap metal shredder.So can all kinds of scrap iron be shredded with scrap metal shredder? Of course, not all metal scraps can be carried out using scrap metal shredder machines, because the metal shredder machines that need to be coarsely crushed are generally thin and light metal scraps, because light and thin metal scraps are large and cluttered. In this case, It really takes up too much space, and it is also inconvenient and time-consuming and labor-intensive when it is used in the furnace. So they must be coarsely shredded into a size that is agreed to be convenient to use.If it is a large piece of scrap metal with a strong nose tip, then shredder cannot be used for shredding operations. The power and structure of the shredder are immovable, and it may damage the shredder equipment. Materials can use gantry scissors or crocodile scissors. These belong to the level of heavy waste. They cannot be mixed with thin and light materials, which affects the price of heavy waste materials.Therefore, when purchasing shredder machine equipment, customers must first understand the type of materials they need to process and then decide which equipment to inspect. At this time, there is an accurate goal. If you usually deal with large pieces of heavy scrap metal, you should investigate gantry shears or crocodile shears. If the materials to be processed are thin and light, such as colored steel tiles, appliance housings, worn bicycles You can purchase scrap metal shredder equipment.The scrap metal shredder machine can not only coarsely crush the scrap metal materials, but also can handle a variety of light materials, such as plastic products, rubber products, wood products, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, etc. Therefore, the scrap metal shredder is also a multi-purpose coarse crushed material. Equipment, if you have these needs, it is the right choice to purchase scrap metal shredder machine.