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Car automation disassembly

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry and the improvement of the per capita living standard, the automobile consumer industry is showing rapid growth, and the subsequent problem is the disposal of scrapped cars. Due to the increase in labor costs and the impact of efficiency, the automobile crushing and dismantling industry It is still in a relatively low profit environment, and it is particularly necessary to develop a fully automated large-scale scrap car dismantling and crushing production line driven by new processes.In this regard, Henan GEP Machinery, through the cooperation of the company ’s technology department and college, adopted industrial automation programs as a new fully automated crushing production line for scrap steel production, which satisfies the requirements of users in this industry for investment costs and profitability.This production line is based on the 2200 type biaxial metal shredder machine. It is equipped with metal shredder machine, sorting equipment, and plastic rubber crushing equipment to form a complete automated production line. The materials are sorted in the supporting class after being coarsely processed by the biaxial metal shredder machine The metal is separated during the rough separation process of the equipment, and the metal in the form of strips or flakes is processed by the metal shredder machine to ensure that the metal meets the standard for recycling and reusing particles.As a high-quality automobile crushing production line, the supporting of the 2200 type metal shredder machine is very critical. There are strict requirements from the blade material to the automatic control process. The traditional gantry scissors will gradually fade out the scrap of the used car with the rapid development of this type of equipment Processing industry.