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Car shredder has strong core

Car shredder not only needs a strong appearance, but also needs a meticulous heart. So how much strength is inside the equipment, can the metal material be easily shredded? Let's take a look at the inside of the device;Since the materials shredded by car shredder are almost all superhard materials, the internal structural quality of the equipment is a strong inspection.The car shredder is mainly composed of a speed motor, a chassis, a frame, a stopper, a helical gear cutter, a drive shaft, a drive shaft, a gear, a gear and other components. Among all the components, the more powerful is the cutter head. This requires the customers to check the cutter disc wear frequently during the time of use. If the cutter head is cracked, it should be repaired in time to avoid the formation of the cutter disc. The occurrence of excessive wear and the like. Also pay attention to the usual cleaning of the cutterhead. When you pack it, you should use the hydraulic power to advance the equipment system to operate and pack. It is forbidden to hit the gravity and scrape the cutter.To protect the cutter head in use, you should also pay attention to the replaced cutter head. The replaced cutter head should be cleaned, oiled and rust-proof. It should be placed in a flat and monotonous position. Car shredder must pay attention to the punctual inspection of all parts of the equipment during the operation, add lubricants according to the rules, check the feeding equipment, discharging equipment and other components of the machine.The equipment is selected by shearing and beating method, which effectively alleviates the disadvantages of large power consumption, slow speed, low output and poor paint removal effect during shredding.