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Car shredder needs to maintain voltage stability (2)

Therefore, in the case where the voltage cannot be guaranteed to be stable, it is necessary to frequently debug the rotating portion. There is also a car shredder motor fixed instability, if the motor fixed point displacement, the base appears loose screws, car shredder voltage will also be affected.So if you want the car shredder to work perfectly, you should maintain a stable voltage. Especially in summer, when the power is increased, the voltage will be too low. If the voltage is too low, the motor of the car shredder will not generate enough power, which will cause the material not to be shredded. This will cause the material to be blocked, even because the material is stuck. On the blade, causing the motor to burn out, etc.If we can't ensure that the local voltage is stable, we can solve this problem by adding a voltage regulator to the car shredder. The regulator is a device that stabilizes the output voltage. The voltage regulator is composed of a voltage regulating circuit, a twisting circuit, and a servo motor.When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit samples, compares, and amplifies, and then drives the servo motor to rotate, so that the position of the carbon brush of the regulator changes, and the output voltage is kept stable by automatically adjusting the turns ratio of the coil.