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Car shredder's situation to make right decision(2)

The service life of shredder is directly affected by the service life of the consumables, which is the main reference factor for everyone to buy car shredder. How to make car shredder's consumable parts work longer, it is important to analyze the service life of these consumables.In the normal pulverization process, the frame will be greatly affected by the periodicity. Therefore, machine failure and scrapping may occur when the weld is broken.The rotor disk and frame are the two main components of a lightweight shredder, and it is also a very expensive main wear component.Improper selection of shredder welding materials is often a major factor in mechanical cracking.According to the evaluation test of the high-manganese steel liner on the car shredder, the internship conditions at the industrial production site. This makes car shredder better quality and durability.