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Causes of overheating of bearings during operation of twin s

Causes of overheating of bearings during operation of twin shaft shredder1. Problems with the bearing circulating cooling water device, such as blockages, etc.;2. Lubricating oil is too dirty, mixed with debris;3. The gap between the bearing bush and the shaft is too small;4. The over-tightness of the bearing cover and the shaft and the over-tightness or looseness of the bearing and the shaft will cause the bearing to overheat.5. The equipment is all about balance. If the bearing seat of the shredder is uneven or the bearing is impacted by an additional load, it will cause the bearing to overheat;6. The selection of lubricating oil is inappropriate, the particle size is too large or too small;7.The discharge port is adjusted too small (the thrust plate is too long) so that the eccentric shaft is stressed too much;8. The oil pipe is blocked, and the lubricating oil is not moving smoothly;9. The drive belt is pulled too tight and the bearing is stressed too much;10. Oil leakage from the oil pipe, lack of oil supply pressure, or excessive oil addition;11. Judging the reason according to the season: in summer, the lubricating oil from the oil pump does not pass through the oil cooler, or the oil cooler has problems, such as blocked water pipes, poor water flow, and water cuts; the oil temperature heater is not turned on before the winter launch , The oil is too sticky;