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Classification of waste shredder machine(1)

The waste shredder machine has a variety of appearances. Each manufacturer's exterior design has its own characteristics. However, according to the actual production needs and the specific shredding requirements, the internal shredder machine's internal knife rolls are basically divided into four types. Yes: single-axis knife roll, double-axis knife roll, four-axis knife roll, coarse crushing knife roll. Therefore, we can divide the waste shredder into four categories: single-axis waste shredder machine, double-axis waste shredder, four-axis waste shredder, and coarse waste shredder machine.Different types of garbage crushers:Waste shredder machine classification:Single shaft waste shredder machineThe speed of the knife roll is medium speed: 90 rpm, single-roller structure, can be used in wood, paper, hard plastic, brittle materials, etc. The broken pieces are smaller and more uniform (approx: 30mm*40mm*20mm).