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Common motor, reducer, inverter (servo drive)

Usually, the ordinary motor of tire shredder provides the power, that is, the appropriate speed and torque, but the small torque of the motor is small, the power factor and efficiency are also high, so generally high-speed motors of 1400 to 2800 are built. If the low speed and high torque are required, the reducer of tire shredder is used, but the reducer of tire shredder is very inefficient at large reduction ratios, and a lower speed motor is required.Generally speaking, the ratio of the speed of the reducer is fixed, and the reducer with the bevel gear can also be adjusted, but it can only be fixed by manual speed. The performance is not the same as that of the inverter. In short, the function of the reducer is to obtain the right The speed and torque simultaneously pursue high efficiency.The function of the frequency converter is frequency conversion speed regulation, which can dynamically adjust the speed in a wide range. Below the power frequency is constant torque speed regulation, constant power speed regulation above the power frequency, and its function can not completely replace the speed reducer.If you need a simple transmission system, large torque, high efficiency, large speed ratio and less sensitive to volume, you can also use a torque motor with a frequency converter. If the efficiency is not very concerned, but the volume, torque, speed ratio is very concerned, you can also use the hydraulic transmission with the frequency converter (constant pressure control).To make an inappropriate analogy: the motor is like a person, it is the power source; the gear reducer of tire shredder is the lever [speed ratio is the ratio of the power arm and the resistance arm of the lever]; the frequency converter (servo drive) is like a pulley block.In all walks of life and in actual use, the three should be comprehensively considered according to the use of equipment parameters, operating conditions, load characteristics, use characteristics, etc., so that careful design, accurate calculation, and then select the motor, reducer of tire shredder, frequency conversion The device (servo drive) makes it a more harmonious overall device, making it the most efficient.