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Countermeasures for unexpected power outages encountered whe

What should I do if the metal shredder encounters an unexpected power outage while working, and what are the corresponding measures?Countermeasures for unexpected power outages encountered when the metal shredder is working:1. If the metal shredder is in operation due to an unexpected power failure and the equipment stops, keep calm and cut off the power immediately to avoid other accidents;2. See if there is a blockage in the material port. Because it is an unexpected shutdown, the discharge port may still continue to discharge, and even only part of the material is processed, which causes the discharge port to be blocked. At this time, it must be cleaned out in time. The blockage of the material opening ensures smooth discharge;3. Check the parts of the shredder. If the equipment stops unexpectedly under normal conditions, it may damage the parts of the equipment, because after the equipment is running for a period of time, some parts will heat up and wear out. If not inspected, repaired and replaced in time, It will affect the subsequent production of the equipment;4. It is possible that the power supply voltage of the working environment of the metal shredder is too low, so that the metal shredder cannot provide enough power when shredding large-volume materials, resulting in unexpected power failure. At this time, check whether the power supply is normal. If it is normal, adjust the voltage at the working place of the metal shredder to provide it with sufficient power.