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Daily maintenance of shredder blades

Today, when the government vigorously promotes "environmental protection" and "recycling of resources," shredder equipment plays an important role in environmental protection and waste recycling. It can crush various wastes, and the operation is simple and fast. However, the blade of the waste shredder is the focus of the overall maintenance of the equipment. Danyu Machinery will make the following maintenance plan for the basic maintenance of the shredder blade for the customer to implement on site. Specific implementation steps on maintenance issues are as follows: First, the alloy head of the shredder has a sharp and sensitive cutting edge, so during the movement, installation and disassembly of the blade, care must be taken to protect the alloy head from damage. Regularly check the radial runout (±0.02mm) and swing amplitude (±0.01mm) of the machine spindle to ensure that the blades of the shredder match each other. Also, the debris on the main shaft and flange must be removed before the shredder blade is installed. The flange surface should be flat, clean and perpendicular to the shaft. Using the largest possible flange can make the blade run more smoothly. The flange size should be the same. The flange size should be 1/3 of the blade diameter (thin blades should use 1/2D flanges) Sawing effect is better (especially for thin blades). One is that the blade of the shredder should idle for 30 seconds after the installation is stable, and then start the cutting work after confirming that everything is normal. The flange nut of the shredder blade must be properly tightened during installation. Overly loose saw blades will slip during rotary cutting. Overtightened saw blades will cause internal injuries or deformations that affect the cutting effect. Finally, the operator must wear protective equipment (protective glasses, dust mask, hard hat, protective gloves) and check whether the protective cover of the saw is intact before cutting.The shredder blade needs to be sharpened in time when the following conditions occur:1. When the quality of the shredder blade no longer meets the requirements;2. When the energy consumption of the machine tool increases significantly;3. When the edge of the cutting material has obvious cracks;4. It is very important to sharpen the alloy blade when the blade wear reaches 0.2mm, because the unsharp blade will heat the saw body when it is working, and it will cause excessive load on the motor and reduce the service life of the saw blade. When cutting should be continued, every 10% increase in cutting will cause an additional 50% of alloy damage and shorten the life of the blade.