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Daily maintenance of tire shredder

The tire shredder will inevitably wear out in daily operation, but if we pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the tire shredder in daily life, the service life of the tire shredder can be greatly extended.Here are the introductions for our customers, and we hope to help the investors:A. Check whether the power supply, voltage, frequency and connection method meet the requirements of the motor nameplate before starting the machine. There is a good grounding device.B. Check if the screws at each connection point are tight.C. Transfer the motor wheel and pulley by hand, whether it is flexible to rotate, if there is friction, timely maintenance.D. If there is abnormal noise during startup, it should be stopped and checked in time.E. Add grease once a week to each bearing position.C、F. The rotor turns in the direction indicated by the arrow.