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Dual Shaft Shredder, Two Shaft Shredder, Plastic Shredding Machine

The two cutters of dual shaft shredder are designed to relatively rotate clockwise and counter clockwise to achieve the purpose of completely shredding the material.

It is suitable for shredding materials like metal, rubber, wood, plastic, paper, fiber cloth, etc.


The blade is made of 55 silicon chromium 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11 and other materials, so that it can work at continuous high temperature without deformation, ensuring effective work during production.

Our industrial two-shaft shredder is automatically controlled by computer (PC), so it is easy to operate.The split bearing housing is convenient for cutter replacing, and is suitable for shredding large sized and extra-hard materials.

The gears are subject to carburizing and quenching treatment, obtaining rigid and wearable surface, which improves the efficiency and service life of the whole machine.

Parameters The blade made of 55 silicon chromium
Model Power (KW) Cutters Diameter (MM) Dimensions (M) Throughput (KG/H) Weight (T) Application
CR-CG600# 30 200 L1.8*W0.8*H1.9 1000 2.5 Suitable for chemical barrels, non-rigid nylon tips, thin films, woven bags, etc.
CR-CG800# 22*2 220 L2.3*W1.2*H2.2 1500 3.5
CR-CG1000# 30*2 260 L2.5*W1.5*H2.4 2000 4.5
CR-CG1200# 37*2 300 L2.6*W1.8*H2.6 2500 5.5
CR-CG1500# 45*2 400 L2.9*W2.2*H2.9 3000 6.5
The blade made of Cr12MoV
Model Power Cutters Diameter Dimensions Throughput Weight Application
CR-CG600# 30kw single motor 220 MM L1.8*W0.8*H1.9 m 1000KG/H 2.5T Suitable for thick rigid ABS nylon tips, household appliance shells like washer shell and refrigerator shell, tires, rubber, plastic barrel, plastic container, plastic plate, etc.
CR-CG800# 22kw*2 260 MM L2.3*W1.2*H2.2 m 1500KG/H 3.5T
CR-CG1000# 30kw*2 300 MM L2.5*W1.5*H2.4 m 2000KG/H 4.5T
CR-CG1200# 37kw*2 350MM L2.6*W1.8*H2.6 m 2500KG/H 5.5T
CR-CG1500# 45kw*2 400 MM L2.9*W2.2*H2.9 m 3000KG/H 6.5T
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