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Dust removal device design in tire shredder

The dust removal device is essential in the tire shredder production line and plays an effective role in controlling dust. Then what are the requirements for the installation of the dust removal device.1.tire shredder dust removal layout should ensure tight drainage, the suction port is designed to be flared, easy to increase the suction speed, and then connected to the exhaust pipe.Regarding the contrast of the exhaust area, the cover should be evenly distributed so that the speed of the smoke drawn into the cover is as uniform as possible. The seam of the closed cover should not be lost due to equipment oscillation, block resistance, etc.2. Under the conditions that do not affect the normal operation of the tire shredder workers, there should be easy to open and close, tightly sealed operation doors and holes. The movable parts should be touched as much as possible, which is convenient for the tearing shredder to disassemble and repair the materials.3. The hole and door orientation on the closed cover should avoid the local area with high airflow speed. The hole and door should be opened, closed and sealed easily, and should be fully considered to facilitate the disassembly and installation when the can is damaged. Under the conditions of satisfactory operation, the dimensions of the holes and doors should be very small. Tire shredder dust removal device has special requirements, please ask the manufacturer to design.