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Environmental warfare "epidemic", we are in action

Affected by the pneumonia epidemic, large-sized garbage such as old sofas and old mattresses in some areas cannot be removed in time. Piles of large-sized garbage not only affect the lives of surrounding residents, but also have the risk of virus transmission and hidden fire safety risks.After learning this news, GEP actively assisted the Zhengzhou government to adopt a mobile crushing scheme for the harmless treatment of large pieces of garbage. Because the mobile crusher comes with a walking system, the equipment can be quickly moved to the designated place, and the equipment comes with diesel Power system, you can immediately start the crushing operation, and quickly complete the treatment and removal of large pieces of garbage in a timely mannerThe mobile crusher also has the "iron removal" process, and the magnetic separator will absorb the iron parts in the large garbage for recycling, avoiding waste of resourcesIn addition to large pieces of garbage, our shredder can also be used to process various types of garbage, such as garden garbage, domestic garbage, decoration and exhibition garbage, building templates, scattered garbage and so on. If the epidemic is not over, the battle will not end. GEP is in action for the epidemic of environmental warfare! If you also need assistance from related parties, please call yuxi shredder! Phone: 13674998188