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Features and maintenance of single shaft shredder machine

1. Product FeaturesSingle shaft shredder machine is a new type of crusher developed by our company. The machine adopts a close-moving blade structure and is equipped with a hydraulically driven push-feeding force feeding machine, which has the characteristics of strong crushing capacity and high efficiency. The main electrical uses Delixi or Siemens to ensure the safe operation of the system.2.Use and performance of shredder machine This machine is mainly used for the crushing and recycling of various thick-walled waste materials and scraps in the plastics industry.The machine adopts a close-packed small blade knife-roller structure, and is provided with a mechanism such as a pusher plate for forced feeding. It has the characteristics of stable crushing performance, high efficiency, low temperature rise, and convenient operation. It is protected by multiple switches, safe and reliable. ,3. Reasonable use and maintenance of equipment1) The shredder machine must be reliably grounded, and the installation must be stable to ensure sufficient operating space. Before starting the machine, check whether the bolts are loose, check the use of the tool, and check whether there are debris in the case. Normal, it is strictly forbidden to start without phase; it is forbidden to put metal materials and parts into the material inlet; the blade edge must always be sharp.2) The pusher box has two working states to choose from. After the feeding, oil pump and host are started, the pusher box can automatically go back and forth. The advancement and withdrawal time of the pusher box can be properly adjusted according to the broken material. It can also be used in the oil pump and feed. After starting, press "Forward" and "Back" to manually control forward and backward.3) Due to the high crushing efficiency of the shredder machine, during the operation, the debris in the receiving hopper should be frequently observed. If the host gets stuck, stop feeding immediately, and push the pushing box slightly in the "manual" state , Reverse the host, and continue working after normal.