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Pre-sale:(1) According to the needs of customers, guide customers to configure the applicable equipment model.(2) Provide relevant waste shredder machine technical information such as equipment list, waste shredder machinelayout map, civil construction foundation map and equipment installation map for reference.(3) The waste shredder machinecan be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of customers.(4) Send engineering and technical personnel to guide users to plan the site and design excellent installation procedures and plans for reference.Sale:(1) Produced in strict accordance with relevant technical standards.(2) Test the waste shredder machineaccording to the relevant provisions of the equipment test machine.(3) Strict inspection before leaving the factory.(4) Organize the shipment in time according to the contract.After sales:(1) Special after-sales service personnel can be assigned to arrive at the site to guide customers to install and debug, trial run, and on-site training operators.(2) Receive technical consultation 24 hours a day to provide technical diagnosis for customers; maintenance personnel will quickly get in place after receiving the failure notice to solve the problem; assist the user system upgrade, equipment and mold update.