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Garbage can be seen everywhere, such as garbage in scenic parks, garbage in restaurants and restaurants, including all kinds of garbage in personal living households. Marine garbage is also a common kind of domestic garbage. It is mainly produced by crew members on board. A large amount of food waste and domestic garbage, so how to dispose of it? The Emperor ship uses the waste shredder machine to tell you the answer.The GEP mechanical ship waste shredder machine is a crusher specially designed for marine use, which is specially used on board.The food waste that can be handled by the marine waste shredder machine can be divided into three categories: one is the food processing industry, the other is the hotel, the restaurant, the dining waste produced by the large dining hall, and the other is the family kitchen waste, which truly solves the sea. Discarded garbage produced by the crew in their daily lives.Next, let's take a look at the powerful functions of the GEP mechanical ship with the waste shredder machine.  The marine crusher is a 3KW motor driven waste shredder machine. Its technology is based on the principle of low speed, high torque, and rotary shearing, and has a very powerful cutting system. Therefore, its crushing application is very extensive, in addition to handling domestic garbage, kitchen waste, other cardboard, cardboard, waste paper, newspapers, plastic bottles, iron cans can also be processed.