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How car shredder protect motors at high temperatures

How to protect the car shredder motor operating at high temperatures to survive the hot summer.Any item can't be exposed to the sun, let alone the car shredder of our work!The car shredder is indispensable equipment in the processing of waste materials, and the motor is the primary base of car shredder. Assume that the motor is broken and the equipment is not working properly, so protect the motor.Here are some ways to teach you:1. The operation of the motor department checks whether the motor bearing is excessively worn or the equipment is bad.It forms the rotor of the stator and the rotor, causing damage to the outer surface of the iron core, which constitutes a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, and the iron loss of the motor is added to make the motor temperature rise is too high.At this time, use fine sputum and other things to remove burrs, avoid short-circuiting silicon steel sheets, apply varnish after cleaning, and heat and dry.2. Perform work at high temperature.Observe the loose connection between the motor core and the base. You can tighten the original set screw. If the positioning screw fails, re-drill the positioning hole on the base and tap the wire to tighten the set screw. The bearing defect repair shaft is tumbling through the bearing support, which is very heavy. Some are simply worn parts.The infinite granular metal is selected from a variety of different crushing methods, and a few micron metal can be obtained, which is pleaded with various techniques of habit.