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How is the effect of FRP shredder

FRP is actually a kind of reinforced fiber plastic, which has the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance, so it is now used in various fields.There are not many industries engaged in FRP recycling, but the price of FRP is still relatively large. Now with the FRP shredder equipment, the waste FRP material can be better decomposed, so that it can be recycled easily.The FRP shredder is for shredding and crushing waste materials. Because the hardness of FRP is also greater, the shredder no longer uses a single-shaft structure, and now uses a dual-shaft power structure to increase the power of shredding. The smaller the shredded particles of FRP, the more convenient it is during recycling, so the blades used for FRP shredders have a small tooth gap, so that the shredded materials are more finely shreddedAfter the shredding process of the shredder, the fineness of the FRP waste is moderately decomposed. The processing effect is general, but its production volume is relatively large. As long as the processed material meets the requirements for use, this is the reason for the crushing of FRP waste.