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How is the servo motor and reducer selected?

For example, if you choose a motor with a medium inertia of 750W and choose a reducer with a reduction ratio of about 60, what should you choose?Pay attention to the selection:1) Confirm that your load rated torque is less than > the rated output torque of the reducer.2) Servo motor rated torque (multiplied by) x reduction ratio is greater than > load rated torque.3) The load is converted to the moment of inertia of the servo motor through the reducer, which is within the allowable range of the servo motor.4) Confirm that the accuracy of the reducer can meet your control requirements.5) Reducer of tire shredder structure, the size can meet the requirements of the equipment, and can be connected with the selected servo motor.In addition to the gear reducer of tire shredder transmission ratio, output torque, axial force of the output shaft, radial force check; also depends on the transmission accuracy of the reducer of tire shredder, according to working conditions. Because the transmission accuracy is high and the price is high, as long as the motor and reducer of tire shredder meet your requirements (function and performance), you can.The technical indicators should meet the requirements, and the material cost price is moderate, which is a good plan.