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How long can kitchen shredder enter the community?

The phrase "Gold Mountain Silver Mountain is not as good as green water and green mountains" shows the direction our country is taking towards environmental protection and environmental governance. Several large cities have begun to implement garbage classification. Implementing garbage classification is not a simple matter. After classification, they need to be treated without pollution. This is a major project of national action. Garbage in daily life, especially kitchen waste, is difficult to handle. If there is a shredder machine to handle kitchen waste, it will be much simpler.The kitchen waste shredder machine is an improvement on the basis of the dual-axis shredder machine. The kitchen waste accounts for about half of the domestic waste and the majority of the waste in the catering industry. Food processing plants, slaughterhouses and other enterprises have also produced a large number of similar organic Rubbish. These food wastes need to be pulverized before further processing, so as to facilitate the next biological treatment for composting or biogas production. Because the size of the kitchen waste is large or small, hard or soft, it is difficult to break. Based on the technology of garbage crusher, a series of crushers dedicated to the crushing of kitchen waste has been developed. The successful development of the kitchen garbage crusher has made a good way in the solid waste crushing of kitchen waste.If this kind of food waste shredder machine can enter the community, the food waste can be directly treated in the community, so that the food can be processed and packaged at the source of the food pollution, which can avoid multiple pollutions during transportation. Of communities are moving. We received today from Xi'anThe customer who orders shredder machine for kitchen waste, his purpose is to install and use it in the community. His wish is to handle the kitchen waste in each community in this way, which will add color to our beautiful living environment.GEP is an early manufacturer of shredder machine for kitchen waste. In this respect, it has experience in production and installation. It can design and produce according to the wishes of customers to meet customer requirements.