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How to change cutter head of single-axis shredder machine

During the production process of the single-axis shredder machine, the degree of wear is very large, and the knife will wear more and more with the use of time. We all know that the tool is worn, and it is also very productive during production. The effect of this is that after the equipment is used for a period of time, this tool must be replaced. This is to better ensure this production efficiency. During the shredding process, the bottom knife plays a role of cleaning the knife to prevent material from falling. Secondary cutting and other functions are important structures of the shredder machine.We have introduced the installation form on the website. No matter which bedknife installation method you choose, the role of shredder machine is the same. The performance of integrated manufacturing, installation, use, and maintenance is different for different models, production capacity, and use requirements. make a choice.How should the tool change be performed? Integral bed knife, low cost, low manufacturing accuracy, welding deformation caused by welding process is an important reason for the difficulty of adjusting the bed knife, the bed knife can only choose to adjust the whole. If a knife is not vertical, the material will be deformed during the cutting process, causing the knife to collide with the knife. The consequences are: the knife is broken, the knife is cut, and the spindle is stuck.The most serious is the broken coupling. For the bolt connection type, the biggest weakness lies in the machining of the thread holes of the bedknife, and the positioning size must be guaranteed. Based on multiple experiments, the difficult points have been overcome.The slotted holes linked by the groove frame are used to reduce the installation difficulty. The base knife is cut by contour cutting. The model is cut by wire.Although the single-axis shredder machine has gradually moved towards standardization, there are still some detailed processes that are worthy of our exploration and study. GEP Machinery is constantly working hard and moving forward. We hope that we can make progress together for a better tomorrow.