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How to choose the model of biaxial shredder

The application of shredder machine has been relatively common. In order to make up for the lack of power of the shredder machine at work, the current shredder is driven by a dual-axis drive. For the shredding operation of a variety of materials, there are corresponding shredder model choices. The various models of the shredder machine are mainly based on the different requirements of the shredder material, different output during work, and different requirements of the output particle size to choose shredder. Model.So how do customers choose a dual-axis shredder model? This needs to be considered from the actual perspective of the customer. First of all, it is necessary to know what the shredder material is, whether it is a single material, or if multiple materials need to be shredded. The size of the shredder machine model is determined according to the size of the material. Small shredder machines can only shredder machine small materials. If you need to shred large pieces, you need to choose a large model. The basic requirement is that the materials can be fed into the shredder. Cavity. Another thing is that the large shredder equipment has great power to tear large materials.The size of the shredder needs to be shredded, which is the size of the shredded particles. This needs to be determined according to the shredder blade model. There are many types of shredder blades, and the material also has this large difference. For different material operations, the corresponding blade model needs to be selected, so that the use of the blade is rationalized and the service life is longer. There are too many types of shredder materials that can be shredded by the dual-axis shredder machine. As long as the waste materials that need to be coarsely shredded can be processed using shredder, according to different material materials, different output requirements, and different output granularity, You can choose the appropriate shredder model. After the shredder model is determined, you can inspect the equipment manufacturer to purchase the dual-axis shredder equipment.