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How to choose the motor of waste shredder machine

(1) Calculation of maximum shear forceDue to the design requirements, not only the waste shredder machine can handle domestic garbage, but also the large pieces of waste, old appliance casings, constructed branches, old tires, glass and paper, etc. No, the cutting material may contain iron nails, and the iron nails with small diameters are required to be cut by the machine. The iron nails with too large diameter are rare. When such materials are encountered, the system is overload protected due to the increase of system pressure. And downtime.Then the following formula should be followed when selecting the motor of the waste shreder machine:The maximum shear force is calculated according to the following formula: dmax--the width of the material that can be sheared by the machine, the unit is mm[τ]----the allowable shear strength of the material to be sheared, the unit is MPa.(2) Calculation of motor power of waste shredder machineAccording to the calculation of the maximum shear force, the required motor power can be calculated. The calculation formula is as follows:Pjmax=FmaxRj2πn=25120×10 negative sixth power×150×10 (negative three times)×2π×1000=23.5kw where: rj--rotor radius, mmn--rotation speed, r/min DC motor requires DC power supply The structure is more complicated, the price is higher, the maintenance is more inconvenient, and the production unit generally uses three-phase AC power.Therefore, according to the work requirements and conditions, the three-phase cage AC asynchronous motor, J series, rated voltage is 380V.Motors with the same capacity are used in several different speed series. Generally, three-phase asynchronous motors commonly use four synchronous speeds, namely 3000, 1500, 100, 750r/min. The low-speed motor has many pole pairs and large torque, so the outer dimensions and weight are also large and the price is high, but the total transmission ratio of the transmission waste shredder machine can be reduced, so that the volume and weight of the transmission device are small; The high-speed motor is the opposite, so the motor with synchronous speeds of 1500 and 1000 r/min is usually selected.