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How to distinguish the quality of the reducer?

1. Appearance: Whether there are burrs, whether there are traces of sandblasting;2. Operation: oil leakage, noise, vibration, oil temperature, motor temperature3. Fault: folding shaft, teething, rolling keys, etc.4. Operating life: good speed reducer 3-5 years, general 1-3 years, poor months5. History of brand development.6 mature serialized products, all classifications are very fine.7 noise. The most can be reflected.8 box size, size. Compact design, comparison of imported reducers.9 tooth surface hardness, the material of the parts, domestically, do not consider.10 oil leakage performance. This aspect of domestic and imported is more obvious.11 power, service factor.The reducer is one of the important components of the tire shredder, so choosing a good reducer is very important for the normal operation of the tire shredder.GEP Machinery is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, research and production of shredder equipment, with professional production technology, advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment and reasonable after-sales service. We produce car shredder, waste shredder machine, mini aluminum can shredder.