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How to effectively reduce the noise of the iron shredder

The iron shredder device can shred all kinds of strip, spiral, and sheet metal chips cut by the lathe. It is the ideal equipment for ferroalloy smelting, metal steel shavings, steel shavings, metal shavings recycling and other enterprises. Iron scrap shredder equipment has high output, low energy consumption and low noise, so how can the equipment reduce noise? yuxi machinery equipment(zhengzhou)Co.,Ltd introduces to you: During the production process of the iron shredder, the noise generated is higher than the usual noise decibels, so the surrounding noise is higher than the general noise. When installing the iron shredder equipment, you need to dig a pit first. Put a floor on the bottom of the pit, and then place the iron shredder equipment under the ground, so that it can be useful to avoid noise dispersion. However, the noise generated by the feed needs to be wrapped with foam steel panels to reduce the noise.