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How to guarantee service life of hammer?

The waste shredder machine is the guarantee of the service life of the equipment. After long-term use, it will be worn, the impact force will be reduced when the metal is broken, the production efficiency will be reduced, and the crushing time will be slowed down. Therefore, when the waste shredder machine is worn to a certain extent, it must be replaced in time.Waste shredder machine Why is the hammer damaged?When the equipment is delivered, the hammer head is brand new. During long hours of work, the hammer head is subjected to the impact of the metal material and hits the surface of the hammer head with a vertical force. At the same time, due to the force being decomposed on the surface of the hammer head, the hammer will be caused. Deformation wear in the longitudinal direction of the head. Over time, the surface and corners of the hammer head are subject to severe wear and tear.Waste shredder machine1. Control metal feed sizeAccording to the model and parameters of the waste shredder machine, the size of the material entering the crushing chamber is strictly controlled to avoid the burden of large-sized materials entering the crushing chamber and increasing the hammer.2 hammer quality and material problemsThe material of the hammer is the key factor to determine its wear resistance and service life. Conscience-based waste shredder machine manufacturers usually choose materials with reliable quality, such as high manganese steel hammers, medium carbon multi-plate hammers and so on.