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How to operate the metal shredder to make its power output h

The twin-shaft metal shredder can help us shred some waste and play an important role in our lives.So how do we operate the two-axis shredder to make it work faster ?1. Allow the machine to warm up and idle before operating the twin-shaft shredder.Many people will neglect this detail.GEP Machinery recommends that you idle the machine before the double-shaft shredder can work, which can increase the working power and increase the service life.2. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to lubricate the twin-shaft shredder, which not only improves the production value and production capacity, but also ensures the service life of the twin-shaft shredder.3. After the completion of the operation of the two-axis shredder, the material should be discharged after all the stops.GEP Machinery specializes in the production of shredders, which are more durable and wear-resistant.