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How to select shredder machine (2)

   Provide the properties of the materials such as: dry materials, wet materials, whether water content, etc.   Provide the status of materials such as: stacked storage, undisassembled status, etc.Such as: broken large pieces of waste, which include mattresses, sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs, made of wood, the largest material: mattress, the maximum size of 200cm, the minimum size of 50cm, the material does not contain water, stacked storage, unfolded.Element two: shredder machine output and output requirementsHow many tons of material need to be broken per hour? Discharge particle size?Such as: 10-20 tons per hour, output size is about 10CM, shredder machine need to be equipped with iron remover, dust reduction system, intelligent monitoring system.Element three: feeding and discharging methodsFeeding methods include forklift feeding, conveying feeding, grapple feeding, etc., and discharging methods include conveyor discharging, packaging after crushing, etc.Auxiliary equipment of shredder machine can be configured according to the actual situation: shredder machine feed conveyor, discharge conveyor, iron remover, press device, hydraulic drive, intelligent dust reduction system, etc.