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Hydraulic driven forced feeding device in shredder

GEP Machinery is currently a professional manufacturer of shredder equipment in China. We are one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce shredder equipment. Our company currently produces metal shredder machine, plastic shredder machine, garbage shredder, wood shredder, Tire shredder equipment, shredder classification we have mentioned before, compared to many people know that there are single-axis, dual-axis, four-axis, but there is another difference is that there is a shredder with Hydraulic pushing device, and some shredder equipment is not available. Not all shredders need this kind of automatic pushing device. GEP machinery will explain to you. For the shredding or high density of some hard materials, we generally do not recommend the use of automatic pushing device. Hydraulic automatic pushing will give the material a pressure. If the block material is relatively hard, it will be easier to shred and crush it. The card machine or the knife has a lot of wear and tear, so it is not recommended to use, and for those with low hardness, soft, plastic, rubber, foam, etc. have a certain toughness or relatively soft, you can use the hydraulic automatic pushing device When the material is prevented from shredding and shredding, it will affect the shredding efficiency, which can greatly increase the output and the efficiency of the processing effect. Therefore, the shredder equipment in our company is generally not equipped with this device. We will provide a complete set of shredders for installation or customization. It is also necessary to pay attention to the shelf of the shredder machine equipment. Many customers require that we need a shelf under the shredder when manufacturing. The shelf is also customized by us. We can design and customize the customer if needed. Henan GEP Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection machinery and equipment in China. Our company specializes in the production of single-shaft shredders, dual-shaft shredder machine, four-shaft shredders, metal shredders, plastic shredders, tire shredder equipment , Welcome customers from all over the country to visit our company for field inspection and purchase of suitable shredder equipment. For details, please consult the sales manager of our company. We will send you physical maps of shredder related materials. You can also send raw materials for processing. Video, factory inspection, GEP people wholeheartedly welcome your arrival!