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In which industries are the functions of the multifunctional

Shredder is a large-scale mechanical equipment that can be used in many occasions. This waste shredder machine is usually used for shredding waste materials, which is convenient for recycling and transportation. So which industries are the functions of the multifunctional shredder?1. Laying of sports grounds (shredders can reprocess waste materials and used in the basic laying facilities of secondary venues): runways, school sports fields, swimming pools and garden trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten sports fields and entertainment fields, Tennis and basketball courts.2. Construction/equipment (the construction industry is widely used, because there are more waste materials at construction sites, the most common are waste steel bars, waste boards, etc.): Adhesives/sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom floors, insulating adhesives, Carpet liners, livestock straw mats, extruded products, waste brake surfaces, molded products, paints, dams, warehouses, ponds, waste disposal stations, brick roof liners and coverings, raised patterned floors, house signs , Sheet, waterproof material, shockproof, gasket, waterproof material for roof and wall.3. Automotive industry (plastic shredders are generally used for metal and plastics in automobile interiors, and multifunctional shredders can also be used in such occasions): strips, train floor mats, brake disc ribbons, cars and trucks The floor, brake bushings, sealing strips, buffers, shock absorbers, automobile body bottom seals and stainless steel materials, splash and mud, marine daily raw materials, tires and tire inner pads.4. Geotechnical/asphalt applications: shredders can be used for drainage pipes, rubberized asphalt for road and driveway paving, filters, soil conditioning/pavement covering, porous flushing pipes, racetracks, railway crossings, Traffic/sidewalk obstacles, railway crack joint sealant road construction and maintenance5. Production of recycled rubber: Multifunctional shredder can be used to produce various rubber products.