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Industrial waste pretreatment program

Industrial solid waste, including a lot of waste paper products, waste plastics, rags and various textiles, waste rubber, broken leather products, waste wood and other high calorific value waste. On the one hand, the composition of the materials is complex and diverse, and most of them have the properties of high strength and toughness. It is difficult to pre-treat, especially the difficulty of crushing. Therefore, a large part of high-calorific value solid waste is landfilled, resulting in waste of resources; another In terms of aspect, once these high-calorific-value solid wastes are pretreated to an appropriate particle size, they are high-quality “alternative fuels (SRF/RDF)”General industrial solid waste pretreatment program, which can process solid waste into high-standard, high-quality SRF/RDF as an alternative fuelThe substitution relationship between fossil fuel and SRF/RDF is1.4 tons of alternative fuel = 1 ton of coal1.7 tons of alternative fuel = 1 ton of petcoke2 tons of alternative fuel = 1 ton of fuel oilRelying on the leading solid waste crushing technology, yuxi machinery equipment(zhengzhou)Co.,Ltd can provide a complete set of general industrial waste technology and a complete set of equipment (including dual shaft coarse crusher, single shaft fine crusher, anti-winding disc screen, rotary drum air separator, forming machine, packaging Machine, strapping machine, dust removal system, spark fire protection system and video monitoring system)