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Learn about the two-axis template shredder machine

The current construction methods are all using concrete structures, that is to say, more in-situ pouring is used for construction. In the early stage of pouring, a large amount of formwork is needed to fix the shape, so that direct pouring is sufficient. Whether building a building or building a highway bridge, it is impossible to build a shell without formwork, but because the design of each building is different, the formwork needs to be customized, which means that the service life of the formwork is only once. After use, It is useless, even if there is still a value, that is, the material is recycled, so the template shredder machine needs to be used in the recycling process.The template shredder machine is used to shred, crush and recycle the used template. Because the template is made according to the needs of the building, the shape of the template has many Chinese styles and different sizes. It is difficult to recycle them, it is difficult to load and transport them, and it is difficult to directly get out of the furnace. After use, the sandstone paste is attached to the top. If it is difficult to operate when it is lowered into the furnace, no steelmaking enterprise uses such scrap iron. Therefore, it is necessary to roughen such materials so that large pieces become small, The impurities above are removed. You need to use a special shredder machine device template.The templated shredder machine uses a dual-axis dynamic structure, so it is also called a dual-axis template shredder machine. Why use a dual-axis structure? Because the template is used in different places, the manufacturing structure of the template is also different, including the back thickness of the plate is different. When the template shredder machine is performing shredding operation, different template waste materials need to be applied. Therefore, the use of a dual-shaft power structure can provide more powerful power output, make the shredding process easier, and increase the shredding output.Another advantage of using a template shredder machine is that it can remove impurities from the waste template, because in the process of shredding, it is the process of tearing and shearing, then the surface of the template can be painted and attached in this process The above concrete is removed, so that the shredded material is relatively clean, which is conducive to use in the furnace and avoids the generation of pollution sources. Therefore, the formwork shredder machine is still a good waste formwork equipment.