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Maintenance skills of metal shredder gearbox

For the metal shredder, the gearbox is an indispensable component, it determines the size of the power of the metal shredder, which reflects the fully automatic effect, so the gearbox plays an important role in the entire production of the metal shredder If you want to make it fully functional and increase its service life, it is indispensable to maintain it well. Then, how to maintain the gearbox of the metal shredder today?1. Transmission oil needs to be replaced regularly:The performance of the gearbox oil is very important to the gearbox and needs to be replaced regularly, but why should it be replaced? Because the gears are interlocked, the engine output power is transmitted after the gear ratio is changed, and it needs to be transmitted between the gears. The huge torque requires gear oil to lubricate and cool the gears.2. The lubricating oil in the gearbox should also be replaced regularly: always check whether the gearbox is clean and whether the lubricating oil on it is dirty, and if it becomes dirty, replace it in time. The gearbox of the metal shredder needs to be changed every 300 hours of lubricating oil during one operation, and every year in the future.The lubricating oil in the gearbox also has problems such as oxidation and deterioration. Since the temperature in the gearbox is higher than normal temperature, the lubricating oil will be oxidized. When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will decrease and become very thin. Its adsorption Capacity will also decrease, and regular replacement is essential.3. Pick a day each month when the transmission is not running, and clean the oil filter.4. Check whether the bolts between the gearbox and the mounting base are tight once a week, and check whether the bolts of the equipment are tight every six months, and deal with any problems in time.5. Every day after the work is over, check whether the oil temperature and oil level of the gearbox is normal, whether there is any oil leakage, etc., if there is any abnormality, deal with it in time, otherwise major problems will occur over time, affecting production.