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Metal crusher: principle of operation

The principle of the metal crusher is as follows: scrap iron and iron raw materials are transported to the feeding slope through the scale conveyor, and the feeding slope is equipped with two rotatable rollers with a height and a low to crush it and send it into the metal crusher . In the metal crusher, there are ten discs fixed on the main shaft and ten hammer heads that can swing freely between the discs, and the kinetic energy generated by high-speed rotation is used to smash, tear and crush the scrap metal , Make the scrap metal into lump or lump, pass through the grids at the bottom and top, and fall on the vibrating conveyor The first time it cannot be processed into small enough scrap iron, it will be processed again by the rotating disk and hammer head in the crusher until it can pass through the grid. Accidentally entering the unbreakable objects in the crusher, the operator should promptly open the discharge door located below the top and eject them. While the crusher is crushing, the automatic Pengshui head in the crusher can be cooled in the crushing chamber to reduce the temperature and avoid dust. The metal crusher series products independently developed by GEP Machinery Manufacturing Plant are the first choice for the latest generation of metal crushing. After a long time of design and research and development, the finished product Huali Machinery Manufacturing Factory specializes in the production of can crushers, paint bucket crushers, Metal crusher products such as scrap steel crusher and scrap car crusher.