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Metal shredder forms a new economic growth point

  Scrap steel is the only raw material that can replace iron ore in steel production. To a large extent, the development and application of waste steel resources is an important way for the iron and steel industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, circular economy, and ease the crisis of iron ore resources. The recycling rate of scrap steel in China in 2012 was 19.9%, far lower than the average level of 48.3%. The development trend of the national scrap steel processing industry is to take the metal shredder machine as a leader, and use high technology such as environmental protection, mechatronics, The development of new comprehensive treatment technology for waste steel can form an environmental protection industry and a new economic growth point.Metal shredder machine  The recycling of waste iron and steel resources not only reduces the amount of mineral resources, but also promotes the sustainable development of the economy. It reduces the land occupation rate, reduces the total social energy consumption, saves investment and protects the ecological environment. In this non-renewable resource In the increasingly depleted economy and society, the importance of waste resources in socio-economic and sustainable development strategies is particularly prominent.Metal shredder machine  Beginning in 2000, countries are actively and effectively recycling scrap metal resources in order to properly restrain the long-term transition costs of mineral resources and energy. China ’s scrap steel industry is a new iron and steel resource recycling industry. Its energy saving, environmental protection and irreplaceable The role of steel raw materials is very significant, and the metal shredder machine plays a huge role in the recycling of steel resources in China.Metal shredder machine  The state-planned “Energy-Saving Approaches and Measures for Key Industries” proposes that the promotion of recycling of metal products such as scrap steel by metal shredder machine is the main way to promote the recycling of resources. Through the continuous promulgation of national policies, provinces and cities across the country have gradually realized the transformation of scrap steel resources from “stock-based” to “use-based”, and in particular, the construction of comprehensive utilization of scrap metal products has been strengthened.