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Metal shredder machine buying guide (1)

In recent years, with the development of society, metal shredder machine equipment has played an important role in the scrap metal recycling, waste recycling and other industries, and has also become a good investment project for small businesses, individuals, and families. Therefore, for investors, how to choose high-performance and high-quality metal crushers is a key move to save costs and increase returns. The following is a metal shredder machine selection guide.First, from the technical requirements of metal shredder machine:1. The crushing ratio is high. If the crushing product is required to have the same particle size, the particle size diameter of the incoming material is allowed to increase, which is beneficial to reduce the crushing process of the metal crusher and meet the layout of single-stage crushing. Compared with the two-stage crushing, not only the process It is simple and greatly reduces the energy consumption per unit of crushing by about 30%.2. The product has high granularity control ability, and the device for adjusting the granularity is convenient and reasonable. Not only the particle size of the super large diameter in the control product is less than 5%, but also the product with too small particle size, that is, the crushing of the material is small, and the paint removal effect is good.3. There are better system supporting requirements of metal shredder machine, especially with the feeding equipment capacity, location and screening configuration, which can not only create conditions for more extensive utilization of recycled scrap resources, but also can significantly increase production and reduce consumption. Conducive to the overall energy saving of the process line.