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mini canal shredder is small but powerful

Mini canal shredder machine is a kind of small shredder equipment. This is a shredder equipment for cans that has evolved in the case of more and more waste in cans. This is a shredder equipment that belongs to small materials. It is also an ideal equipment used in the current volume reduction and treatment market for cans. Its working purpose is to crush various cans waste into small materials for easy transportation and use.The minicanal shredder machine has advantages that other processing equipment does not have:1. The size and specifications of the crushed materials are uniform, which is convenient for later processing and use.2. It is driven by a reducer, which has the characteristics of low speed and large torque, and can easily shred materials.3. The foundation can be installed in a fixed manner, the startup is smooth and no noise, the physical shredding operation is performed during the work, and no dust pollution is generated.4. The blade of the minicanal shredder machine is an alloy toothed blade. The two sets of blades form a occluded state. It is simple and easy to shred small materials such as cans.5. The process of loading and unloading can use the operation of conveyor belt, so that one person's automatic operation can be realized, saving labor costs.The shredded materials of the mini canal shredder machine are small materials of the can type, and there are plenty of waste materials on the market. At present, various cans and plastic cans can be shredded. For the secondary of these resources, Recycling has completed the preliminary coarse crushing operation, which can increase the value of waste and make waste recycling no longer a low-profit industry.