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Multipurpose performance of shredder machine

Shredder machine is a kind of low-speed and high-torque shearing and crushing equipment.It can be used for the crushing and processing of various materials such as scrap steel, scrap iron, engines, plastics, rubber, wood, domestic waste, industrial waste, construction waste, etc. The machine adopts the principle of mutual shear. In the application, it can achieve the crushing requirements of multiple grades of materials by changing the size of the blades or the number of teeth or installing a screen.However, under the premise of a large application range, multiple factors such as equipment torque and shear stress protection adjustment range need to be considered. The comprehensive use of the shredder machine is not so extensive under the consideration of comprehensive factors, such as considering recycling processing in the process of shredding plastic Too much consideration is required in the size of the shredded material, which fixes the cutter disc thickness, the number of teeth and other factors.After the cutter disc degree and the number of teeth are fixed, the relative shear stress will also become a fixed value.This means that the relative shear stress of the material that needs to be sheared and broken during use needs to be less than the shear stress of the cutter head. If the shearing of the cutter head exceeds the load capacity of the cutter head, certain damage will occur.Under the above factors, the device will be equipped with an automatic overturn protection device, and the overall shear resistance of the rear cutter head that is equipped with a large power or large flow input power is less than the protective device setting value, and shredder machine equipment damage will still occur.Therefore, in considering the multi-purpose process of the shredder machine, it is necessary to consider the material and various factors to avoid the serious failure of the rabbit shredder machine.