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Paid attention to Aluminum can shredder daily operation

Check parts frequently: When the machine is in normal operation, always check the machine parts, such as the tightness of the V-belt, the wear and tear of the bearing and the heat, the wear of the tool, the aging of the circuit, and the breakage.When the voltage of mini aluminum can shredder is too low, the power should be cut off immediately: the power supply voltage of the working environment is too low, so that the host does not have enough power to break when it encounters a large volume of material.Check that the power supply of mini aluminum can shredder is normal or not, and adjust the voltage of the workplace so that it meets the voltage requirements for the equipment.In short, the mini aluminum can shredder must buy a high safety factor, but also complete configuration, the most important thing is to operate, to know the possible dangers, to prevent in advance.