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Plastic shredders are used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps to make them smaller.A representative example is the shredding of plastic and rubber scraps and then granulated as a raw material for remaking plastic bottles, tires or trash cans.The plastic shredder is used in the plastic recycling industry. It is often used for the scrapping of large-diameter PE plastic pipes, the plastics bundled with plastic film, and the shredding of large plastic sheets.It can shred all kinds of plastic, rubber, tires, fiber, paper, wood, iron drums, used electrical appliances, used cables, industrial raw materials, domestic garbage and other solid or hollow materials.Plastic shredders are used in a wide range of applications.The technical requirements of the complete machine, the requirements of the components, the assembly requirements, the safety requirements, etc. are the standards that the shredder manufacturer must follow.At the same time, the standard is also an important reference indicator for customers to purchase shredders.The well-known shredders pay more attention to technical problems. The large plastic shredder produced by YUXI Machinery Co., Ltd. is an advanced fine crushing machine.This series of large plastic shredder products are carefully developed based on the advantages of various crushers, using the theory of impact, shearing, mutual impact and grinding.After years of research, GEP Machinery's large-scale plastic shredder equipment has surpassed the industry.