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Procedures for metal recycling manufacturers

The overall development situation of the metal recycling industry is good, and many investors choose to set up metal crushing and recycling production lines. What is the process of setting up a factory? 1. Written application: Submit the relevant information of the enterprise such as the name of the enterprise, investment scale, production output, operation location, site planning, surrounding environmental conditions and other environmental protection aspects and the written application for the establishment of a metal crushing plant to the relevant institution.2. Site selection acceptance: The local government management committee organizes the water affairs, forestry, police station, village committee and other departments to implement the site selection meeting review form. After the completion of the acceptance process, prepare approval materials.3. Examination and approval materials: industrial and commercial department certification, safety administration approval, environmental assessment report, business license, tax registration certificate, land and resources exploitation certificate, production license, etc.Welcome to yuxi factory test metal crusher