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The tire shredder equipment can effectively shred rubber tires, bias tires, radial tires, and automobile tires. After being shredded, it can be pulverized by a pulverizer equipment and processed again. The tire shredder equipment can directly shred steel wire tires with a diameter of less than 2000mm without any pre-treatment of the tires, and can directly shred the rim wire. Greatly improve the production efficiency, but also save labor. The tire shredder drives the cutter head in the shredding chamber to rotate through the transmission system, and then the tire with the outer diameter of the bead lip ≤ 1200mm is sent into the hopper of the device by a conveyor, and the tire enters the shredder through the hopper In the chamber, the cutter disc shreds the tire by shearing and tearing. During the shredding process, materials smaller than or equal to 50×50 leak out of the round screen and enter the subsequent process; materials larger than 50×50 pass through The round sieve is returned to the shredding room for circular shredding until the size of the rubber block meets the requirements and then is discharged from the equipment. GEP mechanical tire shredder equipment has perfect technology and can match corresponding mechanical equipment according to different production needs. As a professional manufacturer, the equipment has large output and low energy consumption. It is a recycling enterprise partner. If you want to know about this equipment, Welcome to visit our factory GEP Machinery is a professional manufacturer of scrap steel shredder equipment. The company provides customers with a variety of shredder equipment, with full specifications and excellent prices. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory and test the machine on site.