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Radiator Shredder and Scrap Metal Recycling Machine

Nowadays, the use of air conditioners and heaters increases due to the increasing population and accommodation. Technologies improve humans’ lives but after electronic devices reach their service life, they become a big threat and waste to our environment.

In a recycling plant, a radiator recycling line is an economical and effective solution for reclaiming scrap air conditioning radiators and discarded heat exchangers (condenser and evaporator). Radiator recycling line can sort re-marketable metals such as copper, aluminum and iron with 99% accuracy.

A radiator recycling line contains conveyors, a metal shredder, a magnetic separator and an eddy current separator. This radiator shredder can process a large number of scrap radiators, up to 10 tons/hour. Moreover, it solves the problem of dust overflow effectively, reducing air pollution.

The workflow of Radiator Recycling Line

Scrap raditators can be poured manually or by crane to the radiator shredder. Coming out from the metal shredder (double shaft shredder), the size-reduced metals are 60mm stripes after metal shredder. Next, they go to the magnetic separator to suck out ferrous metal, leaving non-ferrous metals alone. A secondary shredder further crushes the material to 20mm-30mm. Lastly, the stream materials go through an eddy-current separator to separate copper from aluminum.

The above simple system consists of a radiator recycling system.

Features of Radiator Shredder

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