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Reasons for the decline in output of metal shredders

Metal shredders can be divided into single-shaft shredders, four-axis shredders, and double-shaft shredders.Tearable materials include: scrap iron, waste paint buckets, waste plastics, domestic garbage, motorcycles, domestic scrap iron scrap steel, scrap iron scraps, refrigerators and other metal materials. However, some customers report that when the metal shredder processes large pieces of material, there will be a decline in output. So how do you solve this problem?1. The output of large pieces of metal shredders decreases and the feed speed is first considered:The feeding speed of the metal shredder is a common topic of Shuangxing Machinery, because cutting is an important part of the work, we must ensure that the metal shredder should be fed at a uniform speed during feeding, and can be configured for convenient operation. Reducer feeder. For details, please refer to the relevant introduction of Shuangxing Machinery to the metal shredder production line.2. The different sizes and specifications of metal shredders are also the main reasons that affect the output:In the process of crushing large pieces of materials, the main problem is to solve the problem of the size of the feed inlet. Double Star Machinery has changed the caliber of the metal shredder. The large-diameter shredder is suitable for car shell crushing, refrigerators, computers, air conditioning, etc. Large household appliances have a good crushing effect. The motor of the large-diameter metal shredder equipment has high horsepower, and the rotor will rotate at high speed. The material first passes through the hammer breaking area, is repeatedly hit by the steel hammer on the rotor, and then is thrown to the extrusion device to be broken again. Extrusion to reduce its toughness, return to the shredder cavity for crushing again, so repeat the work, we only need to set the material size control size, when the qualified material can meet the specified particle size requirements, it can be re-screened The net flows out, and the unqualified materials will work in the machine cavity until they are qualified. Therefore, it is an effective method to improve the output of the metal shredder equipment feed port to improve.3. The purity of the bulk material processed by the metal shredder equipment must be guaranteed:The so-called purity of the material of the metal shredder refers to the fact that the material produced in the metal shredder should not be mixed with other impurities, such as iron with high hardness, which can easily cause the blade to collide during work, which can lead to metal tearing. The blade of the shredder is damaged, which reduces the output of the shredder equipment and the life cycle of the blade. The material screening work should be done in advance when feeding.4. Precautions for regular inspection of metal shredder equipment: Check whether the main body of the metal shredder is balanced. Check whether the installation position of each part moves, deforms, locks all bolts, and check whether the seal is good. Check whether the hydraulic system is reliable and there is no leakage.