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Rebar shredder for steel bar recycling

The small-scale steel-making plants use the raw materials for scrap steel recycling, but the specifications of all scrap steel have certain requirements, and those that do not meet the requirements cannot be used for steel production. For example, waste steel bars cannot be used directly for steelmaking.Because the twisted and messy waste steel bar will affect the speed of steelmaking and the production volume, it is necessary to process these steel bars into small sections, that is, cut into scraps, and then use it for steelmaking. In order to cut and scrap the waste steel bar efficiently, a steel head shredder machine is needed.The main source of waste steel bars is the scrap purchase station. They are also recycled through construction sites or demolition of buildings. As long as this kind of steel bars are distorted and disordered, they cannot be processed by the steel bar cutting machine. Masses of scrap cannot be processed with scrap crushers.On the one hand, a large group of waste steel bars is difficult to feed. On the other hand, even if it enters the crusher, it will only cause the machine to be stuffy due to the large diameter of the material, which will stop the crusher.Therefore, this kind of waste steel bar can only be used to tear off the steel head shredder machine, because the shredder machine feed port can be enlarged, the waste steel bar is easy to feed.The structure of the shredder machine's dual-axis slow rotation processing prevents the scrap steel bar from entering at once, and then tears through the heavy blade of the shredder machine with high torque, tearing it little by little, and breaking it to less than 10 cm Short section rebar for sale.In the process of shredding, the impurities and rust on the top are removed, so that these rebars no longer need to be piled into mountains, no longer occupying a large area of ​​the site, and the sale price of waste rebars is also increased.